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Whether it’s hardware, software, the studio scene, or useful “how to” tips: Sound & Recording is the number-one practical magazine for musicians who record their own music. With a practical orientation and an accurate focus, this brand is equally popular among home recorders and professionals. We offer our advertising clients a highly innovative and authentic environment. With us, you reach the people in your target group where it’s relevant to reach them: on a smartphone in the recording studio, in the print magazine during a break at a recording session, or on a laptop while they’re mixing.

Sound & Recording thus provides you with a unique advertising portfolio that covers all areas of modern marketing. At all times. Print. Online. Mobile.

Market Information

With a turnover of 1.5 billion euros, the German musical instrument market is one of the largest in the world. For the greatest possible sales, it is important to know the peculiarities of the German market economy, the music industry, its consumers and participants.

Take advantage of our 11 years of experience and the results of worldwide studies to optimally position yourself and reach your customers at the right moment.

Target Group

"Only what is read has a future"

Not only do we compete with countless content that can be consumed. Also you as an advertiser want your proposal to be placed where it is heard and read.

In a time of unlimited opportunities, it is particularly important to address your own customer at the right time and in the right way. Through quantitative and qualitative surveys, evaluations of user behavior and a diverse, well networked team, we have come to know our community for years and got to know the peculiarities of each subgroup. In this way, we can advise you on the placement of your content and design advertising campaigns.


Social Media

Campaign Example

A campaign in which different media and communication tools interact in a "concert", using their specific strengths, or complement each other, usually produces a higher advertising success than a single action.

In the past we have been able to carry out crossmedia campaigns of various sizes with our customers and to achieve a comprehensive increase in reach. Get an idea of our offer with the help of various example campaigns.


Technical Specifications