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About Us - Sound & Recording in an overview

SOUND-AND-RECORDING.de is the online edition of Sound & Recording, the monthly magazine that serves the whole range of the recording world. Practical, to the point and straightforward, the online magazine is aimed at amateur musicians and professionals alike, no matter which path they have found in the production landscape. Here is an overview of the categories of SOUND-AND-RECORDING.de : 

In order to be up-to-date in the music world, there are regular interviews, stories and news from the scene in our report section. At the same time, producers and musicians are introducing their working methods, presenting their new studio or are telling their intentions in their production with well-known artists. In addition to the recording temples in the US, the look is also directed at the studio scene in this country ..

Is the device really worth something? What about the digital plug-in version? In each issue this section reviews on the highlights of the current equipment around recording and modern music production. Whether software, hardware controllers, microphones or the latest nearfield monitors - for all that is hot, there is information and our assessment.

In the practice department it continues with tips and tricks around the modern music production. Starting with the studio tips series, which provides the latest gimmicks for a better workflow in each issue, there are also tutorials and articles on beat programming, based on a variety of artists who show their setup and pass on their know-how. And always part of it: "Sounds like ...", a tech series in which well-known guitar sounds are reproduced with NI Guitar Rig, Soft Tube Vintage Amp Room, IK Multimedia Amplitube & Co. If you want to build a whole hit, then you should definitely take a look at the popular de/constructed series by Henning Verlage (Unheilig producer), in which current pieces of music are broken down to their components and analyzed.

Finally, the last section of SOUND-AND-RECORDING.de is about everything that can have a cult factor. These include sound pioneers, specials and unique plug-ins or hardware devices whose sound has shaped the music production of the past decades. The latter can be found especially in the series "Vintage-FX". Not to mention, of course, the "Love The Machines" series, in which legendary synthesizers, drum computers etc. are discussed from the past, which may have even been forgotten.

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