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Key facts about Germany‘s economy

• The world’s fourth-strongest market
• With more than 81 million citizens, Germany is the largest market in the EU
• Germany has the lowest unemployment in the EU (7.7%, compared to the EU’s average rate of 22.2%) and the joblessness rate is declining in Germany
• Best infrastructure in the EU
• The German market dominates Switzerland and Austria, which rank among the world’s wealthiest countries
• German standards lead the way for EU standards
• Germany has the best internet in the EU, so multimedia has high potential here
• Germans are especially responsive to high quality and innovation

Key facts about the German market for musicalinstruments

• 2 million musicians
• 1,216 manufacturers of musical instruments
• 1,858 musical-instrument dealers
• 931 state-run music schools (VdM association)
• 579 independent music schools (some are members of the bdfm association)
• Sales of musical instruments generate 1.5 billion euros of revenue in Germany (79 million euros in Austria; 120 million euros in Switzerland)
• Domestic sales experienced explosive growth (19.9%)
• 35.5% of all musical instruments exported from Germany are imported into the euro zone
• German exports have grown by 7.8% to a total 562 million US dollars
• Music production has increased by 2.9%

Source: SOMM, IMIS, Deutscher Musikrat, Statista, NAMM 2016