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Who do we create the content for? Get to know our readers directly and personally!

Alex Anwender - I learn something new every day!


Very online affine

Would like to learn from his role models

New in the industry: Entry-level or still studying

Also plays in a band and sometimes records it


Would like to become safer and expand his technical know-how


Often tests are too positive, would like to have more critical opinions

Quentin Qualität - Knows the technique, prefers to read background stories


Qualitatively demanding:  equipment, sound examples, videos, specialized information and test reviews

For 15 years in the industry

Often works as a lecturer


Be up-to-date in the scene

Pass on know-how


Better connection between print and online (sound sample for interview or reportage)

Workshops in small groups and sorted by knowledge

Mert Metaebene - Sounds tell stories


Safe in dealing with the technology

Active in various projects

Informs himself regularly and intensively

For over 10 years in the industry

Has a lot of equipment, but would hardly want to buy anything. The price-performance ratio is important to him



To work out his own style


More depth in the interviews and studio reports, less on the DAW and technical settings